Go-Technic Team

We're a small company based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. We strive to build a growing community on the do-it-yourself side of at home electronics. As a community, we will provide a strong support system for anyone looking to excel in this massive and growing field. We also look to bring families together and build stronger bonds when they are tasked with the DIY at home challenge.

Austin E. 

Hey guys! I am a maker, a dreamer, and the founder of Go-Technic. As I was growing up I had a very lucky opportunity to mess around with my Fathers technology and it truly inspired me to dig deep into the field of Computer Engineering. As I built different projects I found that it really inspired those around me as well so I created Go-Technic to bring this inspiration around the world.  When we are able to, we will be opening Hacker / Maker labs in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. These labs will be imagination labs for students in middle school and highschool and will hopefully inspire them to pursue a future in STEM. 

Thanks for checking out Go-Technic! It means a lot :)

Travis E.

Hey, my name is Travis! I am the co-founder of Go-Technic, and producer of our educational videos. I am going to Eastern Michigan University, persuing a major in computer engineering and a minor in Marketing. We have had an amazing time starting our company, and we are also excited to teach people how our products work! 

Brandon D.

My name is Brandon Duvall, I am a student at Eastern Michigan University studying Computer Science with dual Minors in Human Biology and Communication. I am also CEO, Head Developer, and Chief Content Editor at Big News Daily and Shop. In my personal endeavors, I have been pursuing communicative applications via Computer Vision, my hope is to create an application that uses pupillary tracking and blink detection to help nonverbal patients communicate with caregivers and loved ones. Here at the site, I hope to be the admin of your dreams, providing great content that is reputable on the news side. While also providing a great ECommerce experience from the shop side of our site. If you would like to see more projects and information visit this → EMU Server Space.